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Strategy Positioning

In many cases, business owners know that the future of their company includes an eventual sale of their operation to a third party. It is generally well established that better prices are obtained from sales to strategic corporate buyers as compared to individual investor/operators. The professionals at GulfCap recognize that the ultimate sale of your business may be several years in the future.

Corporate Finance

Many companies need additional capital to seize opportunities created by strong market demand for their products and services. Other companies require “financial engineering” services for some period of time which will enable them to make the transition from a small, privately owned and managed company to a larger, financially sophisticated company that can compete better in its chosen marketplace.

Merchant Banking

Our merchant banking activities include an equity participation and continuing advisory services in client companies, often in combination with capital provided by our network of qualified investors. When appropriate, we provide our Strategic Advisory Services to these companies, as an equity partner, to add value to such companies before locating a strategic merger partner.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our unique approach to merger and acquisition services has resulted in dramatic results for our clients. We have advised on all levels in assisting clients achieve the maximum benefits in the merger and acquisition world. By taking the time to understand and advise our client in helping set their objectives, we achieve a realistic plan for success. The plan begins with identification of potential strategic merger partners, purchasers or investors who will capture the highest value for our client. We then evaluate all potential candidates that could benefit from a relationship with our client.

Financial Restructuring

The principals of GulfCap have extensive experience in corporate and financial restructuring. They can become involved in a potential restructuring situation at almost any point in time prior to bankruptcy. The earlier GulfCap is retained, the sooner we can develop a successful plan for our client. In most restructuring situations, GulfCap is retained by the client’s Board of Directors or shareholders; however, GulfCap may be referred or retained by the clients’ major lenders to evaluate potential concerns, to provide a third party opinion of the situation, and recommend possible solutions.

Who We Are


With Gulf Capital Partners, Inc. Gulf Capital Partners, Inc. has a formal strategic alliance with GlobalNet Venture Partners, LLC (www.globalnetpartners.com).

In addition, GulfCap has many informal alliances with other professional companies which enables us to add specialized skill sets on any given that may be utilized in any given transaction.

Selected Transactions

We have chosen a few examples of our transactions over the years to showcase our experience.

We have a vast amount of experience between our team members that is too long to list here. Please take a look at our experience in the marketplace.

Our Team

Co-Founder of Gulf Capital Partners in 1995

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Co-Founder of Gulf Capital Partners in 1996