Corporate Finance

Financial Assistance

Many companies need additional capital to seize opportunities created by strong market demand for their products and services. Other companies require "financial engineering" services for some period of time which will enable them to make the transition from a small, privately owned and managed company to a larger, financially sophisticated company that can compete better in its chosen marketplace. In addition, many of our clients require new or rearranged financing because of strategic opportunities that will result in substantial changes in their balance sheet.

After we have performed the necessary due diligence, financing needs and structural changes in the company are determined and discussed with our client. Transaction structures may include conventional equity or debt, or creative hybrid transactions - such as convertible debt, preferred stock, participating non-recourse notes or other instruments. In cases where refinancing is required, all options are reviewed with our client in order to determine whether or not additional balance sheet or off balance sheet financing should be pursued. Solutions can include a joint venture, strategic investors, mezzanine financing or a blend of bank debt with long term institutional financing to provide our client with the strongest basis for future profitability and growth.

GulfCap manages this financial process for the client. We develop the initial term sheet, negotiate the transaction and assist in the closing.