Corporate & Financial Restructuring

The principals of GulfCap have extensive experience in corporate and financial restructuring. They can become involved in a potential restructuring situation at almost any point in time prior to bankruptcy. The earlier GulfCap is retained, the sooner we can develop a successful plan for our client. In most restructuring situations, GulfCap is retained by the client’s Board of Directors or shareholders; however, GulfCap may be referred or retained by the clients’ major lenders to evaluate potential concerns, to provide a third party opinion of the situation, and recommend possible solutions. GulfCap’s involvement with its clients is usually welcomed by the client’s creditors because it provides an independent and candid third party assessment of the client’s, and therefore, the creditor’s position.

GulfCap’s restructuring plans do not include the use of the bankruptcy courts. With the restructuring outside of bankruptcy, the associated legal costs and lost goodwill that result for the client with its lenders and creditors are minimized. The key to this type of successful restructuring is to recognize problems before they reach the bankruptcy level, thereby rendering assistance at the earliest possible time. In less extreme situations where management has the skills to implement its own restructuring plan, the GulfCap team can provide the reassuring element of specialized and practical experience throughout the process, in addition to assisting with financing requirements.

GulfCap is independent and can be objective and act decisively to resolve the situation in a manner that is usually favorable to the client. Moreover, the restructuring assistance usually ends up supporting the client’s relationships with customers and creditors. Our restructuring team concentrates on the client’s most contentious issues in a crisis, leaving management free to build revenues, preserve the business and maintain morale. The end goal is for the client to stabilize its operations and to regain profitability and financial strength, thereby regaining its competitive position in the marketplace.