Why Us

Co-Founder of Gulf Capital Partners in 1995

Michael Smith


Co-Founder of Gulf Capital Partners in 1996

David Burns


Joined Gulf Capital Partners in 2006

Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to build great relationships.

Established 1995

Gulf Capital Partners, Inc. was formed in 1995 as a Houston based investment banking firm specializing in
financial and strategic advisory services for middle market companies, both public and private.

The primary focus of GulfCap is mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance and strategic advisory services. The majority of our investment banking clients are middle market companies whose business concept or products are established and are candidates for industry consolidation or complementary acquisition by larger companies.

GulfCap is distinguished by the high level of financial and operational experience of our founding Principals, all of whom have started and run their own businesses. With our combined financial and operational experience, we bring a practical and focused approach to both entrepreneurs and high level corporate management that leads to exceptional results for our clients.

Whatever the client’s motivation for seeking assistance, we begin each assignment at the same place – fully understanding the dynamics of our client’s business, as wells as our client’s core objectives and constraints. Then, realistic plans can be formulated and pursued. In order to accomplish these goals, we develop meaningful relationships with all of our clients.