Strategic Positioning

Preparation for Sale

In many cases, business owners know that the future of their company includes an eventual sale of their operation to a third party. It is generally well established that better prices are obtained from sales to strategic corporate buyers as compared to individual investor/operators. The professionals at GulfCap recognize that the ultimate sale of your business may be several years in the future.  
For these clients, we combine our efforts described in “Mergers and Acquisitions” and “Strategic
Advisory Services” into a service we call “Strategic Positioning Services”. This service is provided by defining potential types of long-term purchasers, reviewing their acquisition history and strategies, reviewing our client’s operations, financing and markets and preparing recommendations to our client for a timed program to position the Company to be an attractive acquisition candidate at a future date.  
An important feature of the program includes monitoring the Company’s progress, at least quarterly to insure that the plan is being properly implemented. As circumstances change, or other opportunities arise, we are available to assist in achieving the goals of our client. The ultimate goal is to allow the client to take advantage of proper timing in the marketplace so that the sale of his company can be positioned to maximize value.